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Welcome to Dragon Art Place

“Becoming an artist is a lifetime process. It begins with the way you see things. Then you want to express what you see and feel. You try something. Explore it. Change it. Rework it. Destroy it. And start it again. Each time you discover something new about yourself. Becoming an artist doesn’t stop with time or circumstance or job or age. Its real value is to yourself. A way of life. But, it’s not a life for everyone. Those who choose it, find it fulfilling and stimulating. But one thing is certain. Life is never boring. And the best part is that your whole life is spent in “becoming.” So you can always look forward to change.”

Welcome to Dragon Art Place and the creative journey of Patricia A. Montgomery. The above quote hangs on her studio door and reminds her everyday that becoming an artist is a lifetime process.

Throughout your visit, you will learn what inspires Patricia’s creativity and artistic expression. Discover her passion for color, movement and texture as seen in her textile thread paintings. Her mixed media installation projects honors the African American experiences and tell mythology stories.

Enjoy your visit!

” Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths. ”       ~ Joseph Campbell